Farmers Market Products

Our standards are very stringent so that we may offer you the highest quality of Wild, Fresh, Local, Tasty and Sustainable Seafood. Try us and taste the difference!

Haddock:  Local, sustainable,fresh, tasty, skinless and boneless, this is a Farmer's Market Favorite! Note: There may be an occasional bone, so please be aware.

Swordfish:  Fresh cut, Grade A, small U.S. wild caught Atlantic. Small swordfish contains less mercury than a larger size swordfish. 

Wild Alaskan Salmon:  Flown in fresh from the ice cold waters of Alaska, our salmon is hand filleted, not machine cut, and is 99% boneless, skin on. Very rich in Omega 3's and has a decadent flavor!

Perch Fillets: Local, sustainable, mild, skinless & boneless. More oily than haddock; from the Gulf of Maine.

Grey Sole Fillets:  These small, thin, light and fluffy fillets offer a delicate flavor and texture. Quick and easy to prepare!  From the Gulf of Maine

Maine Lobster Meat:  Local, fresh cooked knuckles & claws (tail meat available by request). Sold in 8 oz containers. 

Cold Water Lobster Tails:  Sweet and succulent, these 7-8 oz. cold water lobster tails are fresh frozen from the North Atlantic Waters. Great for grilling in the summer or for a special dinner or holiday feast year round. Can be broiled, boiled, baked, or grilled.

Wild-Caught Gulf Shrimp:  Caught in the pristine waters of the Gulf, these shrimp are embedded with a clean, sweet succulent flavor because they are pulled from a natural environment, free of harsh chemicals that feed on a wild diet. Size is 21/25, sold raw, peeled and deveined, individually frozen. Will last 3 months in your freezer.

Deep Sea Scallops: These Dry New Bedford Deep Sea Scallops are very firm and tasty. These are completely dry with no water or other additives. Most are creamy white but can range in color from white to cream or even tan.

Crab Cakes: These Maryland Crab Cakes are hand made with sweet Jumbo lump crabmeat and just the right seasoning.  The crab cakes are flash frozen to keep the freshest flavor, each cake is 4 oz. Sold in sets of 2, simply heat and serve! Product of USA. Contains: Soy, wheat, milk, eggs, shellfish (crab) and fish (anchovies). May also contain shells.

Stuffed Clams: Gourmet Jumbo 5 oz. Stuffed Clams (frozen) are loaded with clams and served in a natural shell, simply heat and serve, or enjoy hot off the grill! Sold in packages of 2. Contains: Clams, wheat, soy, eggs and milk.

Stuffed Scallops: Gourmet Jumbo Stuffed Scallops (frozen) are served in their natural shell, simply heat and serve! Also great hot off the grill. Sold in packages of 2. Contains: Wheat, soy, eggs, scallops, shrimp and milk.

Haddock Pie: 10 oz pies made with haddock in a cream sauce with white wine, Parmesan cheese, and crumb sauce! 

Lobster Macaroni & Cheese: These 10 oz. decadent pies are made with fresh lobster, sharp cheddar and romano cheese. Keep these on hand in your freezer for a quick lunch or dinner. Contains: Wheat, milk, crustacean shellfish, soy, white wine, and fish. 

New England Fish Cakes: These delicious Precooked Fish Cakes come frozen and are 2 oz. each, served in packages of 8. Simply heat and serve. Contains: Fish, wheat, soy, milk, eggs.

Escargot: These Wild Snails are imported from France with parsley and garlic butter. Sold in packages of 6, simply heat and serve. Contains milk.

New England Clam Chowder:  This chowder is is chock-full of clams and hand cut potatoes and is the perfect creamy comfort food. Sold by the pint, quart or gallon  Contains: Shellfish, milk, wheat and soy.

Maine Lobster Bisque:  This flavorful rich Lobster Bisque is made with real butter, fresh herbs and and sweet lobster meat, and cooked to a delicate perfection. Sold by the pint, quart or gallon. Contains: Milk, lobster, wheat and codfish. This product also contains wine which has naturally occurring sulfates. 

Corn Chowder: This thick creamy chowder is made with plenty of sweet corn and hand cut potatoes. Sold by the pint, quart or gallon. Contains: Milk and wheat.

Gourmet Sample Pack: Contains 1 each of  the following: Stuffed Clam, Stuffed Scallop, Stuffed Crab, Maryland Crab Cake. Note: Stuffed Crab is not sold separately.